the beauty and the brain

This is great! I love Lizzie’s overalls and her platform sandals. 

frayed-symphony asked: hey again, i'm still working on more lizzie/gordo fanart, but had a crazy idea for a crossover. lizzie x battle royale! in which case do you think our heroes would stand a chance and how would it play out?

Oh, wow. My first thought was, “No way would either of them stand a chance.” But thinking about it now, I think if they somehow teamed up, they could be very formidable together. Gordo’s intelligence and logic could be used with Lizzie’s physicality (?) and her general aerobic skills, which could make a very lethal combination.

frayed-symphony asked: I want to draw some more Lizzie/Gordo fanart but need suggestions! You guys got any?

Any scene that they’re in is perfect! Specifically the ones from ‘Dear Lizzie.’ Suggestions, followers?

posted 2 years ago

Anonymous asked: if you love lizzie mcguire, why us your URL mean nicknames for lizzie & gordo?

Tbh I don’t even know how to answer this message. I just wanted something more creative than “lizzieandgordo.” But just because they are nicknames used by Kate doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching the show. It doesn’t mean I’m any less of a fan because my blog’s name is Loozie and Gordork.

posted 2 years ago